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Cobb County Executive Board

2022-2024 Officers of the
Cobb County Democratic Committee


Name Title Email
Essence Johnson Chair
Erika Bailey Second Vice Chair
Erin Lanning Third Vice Chair
John Monahan Secretary
Sharon Marshall  Treasurer

You may contact any of our officers by phone at: (678) 223-3705

The governing body of the Cobb County Democratic Party is the Cobb County Democratic Committee (CCDC), composed of Post Seat Holders (voting members) and Ex-Officio members (elected public officials also voting members).  The CCDC Executive Committee is elected by members of the Cobb County Democratic Committee at a meeting called no later than December 31 of even numbered years, to take office January 1 of the following year, or immediately following the election, whichever is earlier.  Executive Committee Officers shall serve a two-year term.

Stipulations for the Election of Officers are specified in Cobb County Democratic Committee Bylaws, Article IV in congruence with the Bylaws of the Democratic Party of Georgia, Article VII, Section 6.


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